The Finnish Wooden Boat Center

The Finnish Wooden Boat Center was founded to cherish the Finnish wooden boat heritage. The best way to maintain a tradition is, however, to create new traditions. That is why the Finnish Wooden Boat Center has the honor to host the Red Sky boat yard, which also creates new pearls for the next generation, besides restoring old ones.

Wood is a living material. A wooden boat, like a person, ages gracefully with good care. With all it’s minuscule details, a wooden boat only gains in character as it ages. We have noticed that people who visit us cannot help but caress the varnished wooden boat deck. No modern material creates the same primitive sensation than that of smoothly varnished wood.

We strive to actively develop the wooden boat culture to reflect the demands of the future. A modern wooden boat is more practical than its predecessors, and as practical as other modern materials. Without having to compromise on beauty.

We understand how much passion and love an owner directs towards his wooden boat and we want to help the owner to understand and develop his interest in wooden boats. That is why the Finnish Wooden Boat Center is also open for the public during working hours. Without an entrance fee.

Because we are united in our passion.

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